You have applied for a job and are now curious about the process?
In the overview below you can read how we will process your application.

Getting to know each other by phone
You submitted your application and your motivation via our website. Our recruiters will review your application. If all goes accordingly, you will receive feedback via e-mail. If their review is positive, they will contact you by telephone for a first introduction. They will explain the position to you and you will also be given the opportunity to ask your first questions.

Meeting in person
After a positive first impression, we would like to plan a first face-to-face meeting with you at our office. You will meet with the manager of the department and, depending on the position, with a colleague from HR. During this meeting, the position will be further explained and tested with your experience. We also think it is important that there is a match with our corporate culture. Also depending on the position you have applied on, a second interview might follow in order to establish the best possible mutual click.

Job offer
When the interviews are completed and the applicants are assessed, the manager will call you with an offer. Together you discuss a period of time in which we expect a response from you. Of course, there is also room in this interview to ask questions that may have popped up after the initial interviews.

When you agree to the terms and conditions discussed in the phone call, a colleague from HR will contact you to collect the necessary documents and data. Your contract will then be sent to you to sign digitally.

Your first day at Verhoek!
Welcome at Verhoek Europe! After you’ve met your direct colleagues, your buddy will help explain all the procedures and software that we work with. The first few weeks a colleague from HR and your assigned buddy will keep in touch with you to answer all your questions. That way you will be a part of our company in no time!

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