Verhoek was founded in Genemuiden in 1953. The company has grown hugely since then, but we have stayed true to our roots as a family company. Run by the Verhoek family and its employees for three generations now, we are bursting with passion and enthusiasm for transport and logistics.

Our story
Gijsbert Verhoek Snr founded Verhoek in 1953. Its core activity was transporting reed mats, among other things, by horse and cart. When the carpet industry emerged after 1970, Verhoek’s focus shifted from reed mats to specialist carpet transport. Verhoek began Europe-wide distribution in 1980, and eleven years on this led to our first branches being opened abroad in Germany and Belgium. Since then, Verhoek has brought a lot of transport companies into the fold. Our transport portfolio has grown and now includes not only roll transport but also pallet transport and various other long goods such as industrial doors and awnings. All of these companies now fall under the trade name Verhoek Europe. A change of management in September 2019 put the third generation of the Verhoek family at the company’s helm.

Our mission

Our mission shows what Verhoek stands for: it is why we exist as a company and underpins our day-to-day activities. Our mission is:
‘Our drive is simplifying complex logistics.’ 

By complex logistics, we mean logistics involving fragile and long goods. We want to stand out by specialising in markets where there is specific demand, with logistics requiring special materials and specialist expertise. That is why we speak of complex logistics. Verhoek wants to continue to focus on this in the coming years.

Our vision

Verhoek’s vision offers a glimpse into our organisation’s future, where we want to go and how we are going to get there. Our vision is:
‘To be a leading logistics partner fulfilling the customer needs for complex transport and logistics solutions in a sustainable, efficient and transparent way.’
We will reach this leading, unique position by working sustainably, with efficient working methods and processes, a focus on automation, and by being transparent.

Our four core values

Verhoek’s core values stem from our company identity and show what we stand for and how we work together. They are part of our DNA

Together- We work across departments and borders as a single team. We work together to get the best results. We aim to have a sustainable relationship with one another.

Excel - We offer quality, reliable work, and are experts in what we do. We never stop developing and innovating. Outstanding logistics - that is what we stand for.

Pride - Providing good services is something to be proud of. This pride shines through in everything we do. We take responsibility for our work, and we are happy and passionate doing so. 

Care - Working as a team means being focusing on your colleagues and customers. Our approach is one of mutual honesty and respect. Together we ensure our working environment is healthy and safe, and we take care of the world around us too.

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